We are asking Batawa neighbours and friends for their help in choosing this year's Lawn and Garden Contest winners! There are three categories, and nominations can be made until Wednesday June 30th, 2021. Homes can make ONE nomination per category (if several nominations are made by your address, only the most recent will qualify).



Batawa's Best : A Batawa home that showcases an exemplary standard to their lawn and gardens. This home would exceed all judging criteria (example given below). 

Batawa's Choice:  A home in Batawa that really contributes to the beautification of the community. The homeowner(s) demonstrates a genuine care for their lawn and gardens. 

Batawa 's Most Improved: A Batawa home that has made substantial changes and effort to their lawn and garden, which has been recognized by the community.



When nominating a home in Batawa's Lawn and Garden Contest, consider the following criteria

  • balance
  • originality
  • selection and arrangement of plants, trees and shrubs
  • design of traffic flow
Hard Landscaping
  • use of driveway paving and walkways
  • use of stones, rocks, statuary, containers
  • walls, fencing and water features
Condition and Maintenance
  • cleanliness of garden and area
  • free from disease and weeds
  • good garden practices
  • suitable ground cover
Use of Plant Material
  • variety
  • spacing and balance
  • appropriate use of perennials and/or native species
  • use of colour and texture
Validation Code